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Believing in yourself is where everything starts. And to do that, you have to know what you are about and what's important to you. I was fortunate to have known what I wanted to do from the time I was a little kid. My family was supportive. I borrowed written lesson instructions and lesson books from other older kids/drummers who were less enthusiastic, until I could take lessons from a teacher of my own.

Your dreams and plans will test and build your faith and character. Never be defined by your circumstances or the opinions of others. Overcome your doubts and fears by running them down. Never give up and never quit. Stretch yourself and grow. Always remain willing to learn something new. Develop and grow your vision. Nothing is impossible.

My experiences in music performance, composition, instrument invention, design, manufacturing, and engineering continue to take me all over the world. The list of people who have invested themselves in my life is long and remarkable. In response I strive to return the honor to others, young, old, all. Find someone to lift. Share what you have and what you know, not for recognition or profit, but for the people you can help.

Do the fun and the hard things that have value, raise the bar, invest in yourself and others and always give your best. Live your life with courage and purpose. Be willing to stand up for what you believe. Leave things in better shape than when you arrived. Contribute. Take courage to new levels. Embrace change. Never let anyone or anything define you. That's between you and your faith, in what you believe.

My life has been and remains completely based on my faith,
in the miraculous love and power of Jesus Christ.

          Ron Vaughn          


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